Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Temple Testimony

One friend that I have in the Temple is Bro. Wang. He has some English skills and I have talked him into using English when the missionaries come on Wedensdays. He was very nervous but did a good job. He has a computer shop, sells, repairs and upgrades. He runs his shop about 3 days a week and spends his other days at the temple. Yesterday he told me "I don't have much money but I am happy because I am in the Temple."
I just wanted to record this while it was fresh in my mind. We hope to get pictures of these special people that we work with; but we only see them in the temple so it is difficult to get pictures.

Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley

We were saddened this morning to get word through John's e-mail that President Hinckley had passed away Sunday evening! During much of the day, we have listened to his words of counsel and heard many speak of experiences they have had with him! What a prophet! How very much good he has done! What an excellent example he has been to us all! Haven't we been blessed to live during his tenure as prophet, seer and revelator! I loved his compassion for all people and his straight-forwardness about telling it like it is in the Church. He wasn't afraid of the news media or those who tried to put down the teachings of the Church! It is really unbelievable - all that he has led the Church to accomplish during his years as prophet - the temples built, the Proclamation on the Family, the Perpetual Education Fund, the building of the new Conference Center, and on and on!! What a glorious time to be a member of the Church! We are being better understood than ever before because of his tremendous efforts! I suppose one of the last things he authorized to have done, we will be witnessing tomorrow in the Temple!

Just yesterday, I committed to find someone each week that I felt good about giving a missionary pamphlet to, and today it happened! It was our P-day and dad was looking at an English to Chinese calculator in a store, and having a hard time communicating with the salesman, when a kind gentleman came to his rescue and helped him with the language. He spoke English quite well and had just returned from visiting in the US for three months! As we had our missionary badges on, he asked about what we were doing in Taiwan and how long we would be staying. He told us he was a Christian, too, and we began telling him a little about where we worked and went to Church. To our delight, he decided that he would like to come next Sunday! It seems that if we make a commitment and do our part, the Lord always comes through and gives us the missionary experiences we ask for!! Please pray with us for our friend, Chris, that he will show up for Church on Sunday and want to know more about this amazing Gospel!! Well, Dad is asleep already! I'd better follow suit. We love you all

Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's a small world!

Well, what a coincidence! We met one of Lani's family's friends in the Temple Friday night! The families knew each other in Tonga! He even talked about Lani's sister, Lena, who lives in Virginia! He came to church today and became immediately excited when I mentioned Lani's and his mom's name! We have this type of thing happen so often! It really is a small world, especially when you are in the Church! Saturday, as we were helping to run the Baptistry, we learned a lesson in sacrifice and true humility and desire to serve. Elias and I watched as a 40 year old man who could not walk, was helped out of his wheelchair and on to the steps of the baptismal font. Holding to the handrail, he sat down on the top step, then, painfully slow, scooted himself down into the font where the baptizer steadied him on his stronger leg, enabling him to be baptized for several deceased brothers before his leg lost its strength completely. Then with a brother on each side, he was lifted out and carried to the dressing room to dress. When he left the Temple, he just glowed with joy from being able to stand as proxy and be baptized for his deceased brothers who could not do it for themselves! Dad and I couldn't help but weep for the sweet Spirit that was present at the time he did this work! And sometimes we think it a sacrifice on our part to take the small effort it takes for us to hop in our cars and drive a few miles, walk in the Temple on two strong, healthy legs and feet, and serve the Lord there for a short time! Boy! We are going to be more diligent in going to the Temple when we get home!

Today, Bishop Chiles married a sweet, Philippino couple in the chapel right after Sacrament meeting! All the Ward was invited to stay, and we were very glad we did, for we witnessed a beautiful outpouring of love and caring for these two, sweet, young adults! They both are serving under different contracts for different factories. They have to adhere to the factory rules governing those who work for them, and live in the factory dormatories. Another rule is that they have to be in their individual dorms by 7:00p.m. each night, so these two newly weds will not be able to live together while under their contracts! The only day they have off is Sunday, but the same rule applies on Sunday! Neither had any family members that could come for the wedding, so the great people here bought flowers and bows to decorate the chapel with, and a beautiful bridal bouquet for her! Then, one of the Bishop's counselor's wives made her a simple, but elegant wedding dress and veil, (in 3 days, might I add), and then friends brought food for a wedding feast fit for a king and queen, complete with a two-tiered wedding cake, topped with luscious fruits of every kind! More than eighty of us shared a wonderful dinner with them!! Can you imagine that? Even the weather, which has been rainy and cold for the past week, was warm, and the sun came out for the day!! (One of Father's tender mercies, I'm sure)!

It is wonderful here! We are loving it! They have asked me to teach piano in the future, after the Senior Sisters leave to go home! This will happen every Sunday after meetings! I have been playing for a lot of the Temple Prayer meetings, but mostly with one hand! This should be very interesting!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Trying to Catchup

Today we want to include some pictures that should have been with earlier entries. We will include a picture of Taipei 101. there is also a picture of Celeste that we want to include; let us know if you agree that it could be Celeste. Well here come the pictures then Mom has some words of wisdom.

Well here are the pics. not where I hoped but they are posted. Eva is Sis. Xia s friend and R/S teacher companion. Now I will try to add Celeste and a picture of Tower 101.
Help Celeste; the blogger puts the pics any where it wants. I am not a happy blogger.

This is Mom! How is everyone doing? We are loving this blog! It will help us to remember our mission better! First of all, it feels great to be walking again! I'm so grateful to the Lord for granting me that privilege again so quickly! I will never again take walking for granted! I really had a sweet experience at the temple recently. One of our new Temple workers helped me, and I came quickly to realize, he was weeping for joy at the time! The work here is soooo sweet! I cannot express my gratitude to Father for letting us work in this special Temple with these special people! I'm so grateful to have continual learning experiences, both in and out of the Temple! The Lord gave me strength to apologize to a woman whom I did not treat with the sensitivity that I should have. I'm starting to recognize more of my weaknesses! Being so much in theTemple helps me to have more power to correct them! We are promised this blessing in D&C 109:22-23, and also in D&C 43:16! Father sure keeps His promises!! Another blessing I am noticing - I'm amazed that I can still remember the words of these ordinances after three years of not saying them!! For me, that is miraculous!! Last night was sweet as I was able to comfort a dear sister who had come to the Temple for solace. She pointed to her greying hair and said she was still single and felt embarrassed because she was still going to Single Adults and wasn't married yet! I could not speak much with her by words, but my heart reached out to her, and I was able to give her the loving hug that Father would have wanted to give her if He could! Well, we must go!! All our love, mom PS We were excited to hear that Trent and Jill Brown have received callings in our Ward and are really enjoying being there! She is going to work in the Primary and Trent will work with as the Assistant Varsity Cloach!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Odds and Ends

This is not my idea of retirement. Saturday we worked in the Temple from 5:30AM to 5:45PM. We did about everything that is done in temples. That evening we took E/S Moorehead to Chillis for dinner. They finish their mission the end of Janurary and return to their home in Colorado. We went to the bus stop and it was full of cars; also two cars were parked in the outside lane of traffic; no occupants. Try that in the good ole' US of A.

We am including some old pictures that we took while the temple was closed.

Joyce, Eva(left) and Sis. Xia. Eva is in Sis. Xias ward and her friend; Sis. Xia works at the temple each Saturday. this is on the ferry crossing the Danshui river. I will include a couple other shots from Danshui. I have no idea where they will end up; but here goes.

Today (Sunday) we taught the Temple Prep. class. We have one student from California and 4 students from the Phillipines. One young lady is a domestic worker in the home of a chinese family. They let her bring the two children to church. The children seem to like Primary. It would be fun to see the rest of the story; or how this plays out.

I want to include pictures from previous entries

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bits and Pieces

We are trying to keep this current, but it is hard to get/take the time. Tuesday we bought groceries and decided to get a taxi home. The guy we flagged down stopped in the middle of the busy street; but I wanted to make sure he could find where we stay, so I motioned for him to pull over; he did --- half way --- so now he is blocking two lanes of traffic instead of one. After calling someone he decided he could get us home; but we were headed away from home so he had to go quite aways to a major intersection. So it was a longer ride then normal but he would not accept the additional fare. What a contrast; in Malaysia the drivers wanted every dime they could get.
Wednesday at the Temple!! I used Mandarin for the first time (reading from a card). Those working with me spoke slow and said I pronounced correctly; I don't believe them.
Also today (Wed) we again used a taxi; trying to baby Joyce's foot and also because we bought take out near the Temple and wanted to get home before the food got cold. We bought 1)Chicken fried rice, 2)Dumplings, 3)Mormon ming(noodles). This shop is very popular with the Missionaries so the noodles are named for the church.
This driver had to turn around; so he made a 6/7 point U-turn while lots of traffic waited. He is the first driver we have used that spoke English. I told him about road rage in the US and that drivers could never do in the US what they get away with here. I thought his response was very profound;;;"We are friends".
Well time to go, we have a great schedule; Tues/Wed we go in early, 9AM; Wed/Thur, 1:00 PM.
When I have more time I will add pictures.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Taiwan Update

Well we are into the new year and things are going well. Joyces foot is getting better, there is still swelling but the swelling on the ball of the foot is gone so she can walk with out pain.
The Temple recorder Brother Zhong wrote our address on paper so we can show a Taxi driver. About half know how to find our address; it is basically the name of the major road and the number of the Lane associated with that Road. I think this city was built to accomadate bicycles and rickshaws. The cars here have special sideview mirrors that will fold back against the side of the car when parked, to allow room for other vehicles to pass.
Yesterday we found a taxi with curtains, TV monitors built into the rear of the front seat head rest. He had to call someone to find out how to get us home. On the TV he found a musical tribute to Frank Sinatra. So we were entertained just like in the US.

We need to tell everyone about Arnie; he is the assistant recorder at the Temple. He also does a lot of the repairs. Late one evening just before the temple closed for the day a picture pulled off the wall and damaged the base moulding under it. When we returned next morning everything was like new. Arnie fixed everything. The missionaries found him at a 7-11; long hair, earrings, bad clothes and attitude. After being taught and excepting the gospel he changed. The changes so impressed his parents they had to find out about this church that could make such a difference in his life; his parents also joined the church. He is married with a cute little boy and is very happy.

I was just thinking of our many blessings: that we have a family that will pray for one another in times of trial; the Priesthood power to bless each other and our families; (what a sense of security this brings into our homes!); that my foot is feeling better, and I can walk on it now; the blessing of a healthy, new granddaughter; the successful removal of Carrie's thyroid, and the loving help and suppport she received from her brother and sisters; having my fear and dread of teaching this Temple Preparation class being replaced by an excitement; and being able to serve here in Taiwan and in the Temple -- (it is beyond my ability to express, the happiness, peace and joy we receive in this service!)
We also have the knowledge and complete assurance that all blessings and miracles that are needed in our family at home will be realized, for the Lord is watching over you all!
It is just like king Benjamin said, we can never "catch up" to the Lord for the blessings He gives us by our sacrificing our time and energies to His work, because He just blesses us MORE each time we do our part! Don't you love it!!