Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Odds and Ends

This little furnace is used to send money , and messages to deceased ancestors. Usually they use a cute little red furnace. This one at a temple. We see tables of food set out to feed the ancestors and after they have had a chance to eat what they want the people take the food and eat what is left.

We see lots of fun stuff here; like a highly certified automotive technician rebuilding an engine in the street. Also we thought it was interesting to have a large parking lot just for motor bikes.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A little about what we see in Taiwan

We were on a bus, going home from having dinner at Chili's, trying to get down the main street while the "night market" was on. I'll put on another that shows the side street that not even a bike or motorcycle could get through!! They are supposed to have good sales here, but I have not been able to get Dad NEAR those crowded conditions!
Doesn't the 101 Tower look like a gigantic candle at night?
This is President Walker's second counselor's wife and daughter and new grandbaby! We are in the foyer just inside the outside doors and before you go into the Temple proper. She is such a loving person!

Did we write about how many Chinese people love their pets and treat them like children? We see it all the time. Women buy special purses that have the top part cut out so a small dog inside the purse can put his head out, but not get his body out until the owner opens the purse; entire stores devoted just to doggie things like beautiful strollers, bathing tubs, clothes and toys just like a baby has! It is unbelievable! Here is a picture of one of these doggie store signs and the charming way they advertise!

Chinese Restarurant update

We talked about Chinese food but we didn't have any pictures.
Now we have pictures so you can take these Chinese food samples to Mandarin and order true Chinese food from these pictures. Enjoy!