Monday, May 19, 2008

Apartment robbed!

Well, even though the robbers took our computer, (that is why we haven't blogged for a while), and both cameras, (we do feel bad about losing our pictures), he or they did not take our passports or US currency! The drawer where they were was opened, but not disturbed! What a miracle! And the fact that we had to go to the internet cafe to do our "computering", is even a good thing because we met a young man there to whom we gave church pamphlets to and have an opportunity to go back now and thank him for burning a music CD for us and will see if he is interested in learning more!!

So far, we haven't learned how to put our pictures on the blog or e-mail, but we are so grateful to Arnie, the assistant temple recorder, for loaning us this lap top and changing it from Chinese to ENglish! He has done so very much for us. What a blessing!

Monday, April 28th, we attended a University concert which we both really enjoyed! President and Sister Chen's daughter gave the tickets to us! It was every bit as entertaining to watch the conductor as listen to the beautiful music! He was so tiny -- but boy, did he ever pack a whallop, getting those musicians to play their very best! It was amazing!

I've been thinking lately of why the temple is so peaceful and happy. It is because of the Spirit that is there and because those who come have had to prepare themselves to receive a recommend to be there. Everyone is a little better person as they do these things! That is why we are supposed to always have a recommend in our possession. We have to be striving to live as the Lord would have us live to obtain one!

A great blessing I find in serving in the Temple is the fact that even when I don't feel good and wonder if I can finish the work I'm supposed to do, Father always helps me to be able to! He has never failed me! My prayers for help are always answered!

Elder Scott came and spoke to the young single adults of Taiwan, and President and Sister Walker were privileged to be there. He was very concerned about the fact that there are so many young adults over 30 and not married! He asked them the question, "How many young, single adults are there in the highest degree of the Celestial kingdom?" Then he answered his own question - "NONE!" Then he counseled the young single adult men to get to work. He promised the young single adult women that if they keep faithful and worthy, they will not miss out on any eternal blessings - including those of a worthy husband and children! "I don't know when this will happen or how, but I promise you, in the name of the Lord, that it will," he said.

I was extremely blessed in being able to participate in singing two songs in Chinese with a choir that sang at Stake Conference. At one point of time, I could not see the Pinying, but I was able to look at the conductor and get the wording! They put me right in the middle on the front row, too, so I couldn't hide! Thank you, Father, for helping me make it through! It was a small miracle!

Sister Huang's life was saved when she was crossing the street, noticed that a woman had been in an car accident and was crying and upset in the road ahead of her. She felt so bad for her, that she stopped walking and said a prayer that this distraught woman would be comforted. AS she did a huge boulder fell onto the road where she would have been had she kept walking! It came from the mountain above the road. Sister Su happened to be an eye witness to it, but didn't realize until she got to the temple and started talking with Sister Huang, that it was her that narrowly missed being killed by the boulder. The Lord's protecting hand was definately over Sister Huang!

Thursday May 15th, I received the highest compliment I've ever had. Sister Chen told me how much she and President Chen appreciated us coming from so far to help in the temple and called me, "a woman of God"! Today, the Lord, lest I get feeling too smug about it, really made it known to me that we could and should be doing more and sacrificing more to do His work while we are here and while we have this time. I pray for forgiveness and help in doing better!

Saturday, May 17th - What a privilege to help Leonora receive her temple ordinances today! Linda and Virginia and Sister Calvert were there to support her, too! AS we stood, hand in hand in the sealing room, looking at eternity through those beautiful, never-ending mirrors, we wept with joy to think of the fact that her husband had received his ordinances a week before in the Phillipines temple and one day, they would be sealed together as husband and wife and family, eternally!!

Well, it is late and I'll finish recording some other specail experiences later. Goodnight!