Sunday, November 16, 2008

Some of the latest pictures

Here we are after the Children's Sacrament Meeting presentation. Leonora and her two charges, whom she brings to church each Sunday. They took part today and did so well. It made me homesick, realizing that the grandchildren were taking part in their Sacrament Meeting presentations as well! This is one of the best Sundays of the year. The Spirit is always present and you can just feel the love of the Savior and Father for these little ones! It was such a choice, spiritual experience! Leornora is giving them such a gift by bringing them to church, where they can learn and experience first hand, the love and peace and happiness the gospel brings into the lives of those who live it!!

With the 101 Tower in the background we are looking at a road construction area down one of the main streets of Taipei, where they put flowering plants to make the area "pretty". They must have spent a lot of money here because there were hundreds along the street! In this case, they are building an undergound MRT railway system, with malls, shops, restaurants, and we have even seen a bowling alleyin one that we visited! There are usually three levels of these - all under the main street that Elias is standing on!

The group pose before having a wonderful Filippino dinner to celebrate the birthdays of two of the sisters! Left to right: Erlinda, (I can't remember he name), me, Leonora, Daisy and Sodad!

This is the area between the Temple and the Service Center. Many people from all walks of life like to come here because it is beautiful and peaceful. Sometimes, we will sit on one of the benches here and eat a sandwich or fried rice before we begin our work in the Temple.

The Chinese use very unique wording to advertize and promote what they are selling.

This is a huge park about a twenty minute walk from our apartment that we go to when we want to get some more walking time in away from the noise of city traffic!

We walked home a different way one evening and found this beautiful, "garden" alley. This picture does not do the scene justice.

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