Thursday, January 22, 2009


Joyce likes to show interest in what people are eating at the Temple lunchroom. As a result people like to share their stuff with us(her). Yesterday she received a sack of stuff; about 5 hardboiled eggs without egg shells. Anyone that doesn't care for egg whites would love these. The whites are not white; they are brown. I think they are cooked in brown shoe polish. She also received some Tofu squares that likewise were cooked in the same brown shoe polish. After trying one of the eggs she pulled a round thing out of the sack; I think it is meat, also cooked in shoe polish; about the size of a small softball that looked like Matt had hit it over the fence, wet several times. As she was looking this over I mentioned that 'I had not seen one of these since I left the farm.' ----She returned it to the sack.
Awhile ago a lady was eating one of the famed 'chicken feet'. She only took a couple of bites and the thing disappeared. I wanted to tell her that it had been cleaned since it was attached/detached from the chicken so the flavor had been washed away.

Living in other cultures does indeed broaden ones horizons.

Until next time Elder Miller

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